CANCELLED! (please see below)

Other Music Academy (OMA) Improvisation Project Workshop @ The Exploratorium Berlin
April 5-10, 2020

Due to the increasing danger of the corona virus in Berlin, we've regretfully decided to cancel the workshop at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience! And of course, we are also disappointed. As soon as the public health situation is back to normal we will look for the next available time to offer this workshop. In the meantime, if you've already registered, we will refund your registration and workshop fees. If you haven't received your refund within two weeks, please contact management@othermusicacademy.eu and let us know.

Thanks to everyone for your interest in this workshop and your trust! We take this step with the best interests of everyone in mind. Please stay healthy, creative and inspired, and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Read more about the OMA Improvisation Project’s approach to improvisation:
To improvise music, to create music spontaneously, is not a trick or something exotic, but a fundamental understanding and ability that inform the way one hears, interprets and creates any kind of music. There are many approaches to music improvisation. Some of them teach improvisation as a "technique" using harmonic, melodic and rhythmic formulas, often at the sacrifice of creativity. Others emphasize creativity and freedom, but often at the expense of basic musical skills.

In the OMA Improvisation Project, participants work directly with inspiring artist-educators who have developed their own, original approaches to music improvisation that emphasize both sides - creativity and musical fundamentals. For classical musicians, this workshop can change how you understand written music. For jazz, folk, pop and other improvising musicians, this workshop can help you develop your own individual style and sound and open your ears to another level of musical communication.

What is PTC?
Alan Bern is the creator of Present-Time Composition, a musical and educational approach informed by cognitive science that integrates the methods of improvisation and composition. The fundamental principle of PTC is that highly complex musical decisions, normally thought to be the domain of composition, can be improvised in real time and communicated within a group, to produce a collectively improvised composition that is aesthetically comparable with music composed traditionally by individuals. This involves extensive training with step-by-step exercises that teach the musician how to reduce increasingly complex musical perceptions to apparently simple and immediate impulses. Currently, Bern is in the process of developing a certification program for PTC.